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How has everyone been?
It's been ages since I've really been active on here. I have still been using LJ just haven't posted in forever.

A lot has changed in my life...

1) I now have my driver's license and have owned two vehicles. I did drive my parents Toyota Corolla around for a while, then purchased my own Toyota Rav 4 back in 2012. Earlier this month, I purchased a 2015 Nissan Rogue (AWD). I had been wanting a Rogue for a while so figured why not :)

2) I have been doing way more traveling over the last year because...

3) I met the man of my dreams just over a year ago. We just celebrated our one year anniversary July 30 and things couldn't be better except it's a long distance relationship (roughly an 8 hour drive).
He's my complete other half and I'm glad we found each other.
Mentioning earlier that I've been traveling more often over the last year isn't an understatement as I have either flown to his place (have to fly into Boston if I want a straight flight) or since it's better months for driving, I have no issues driving to his place.
We have went to New Orleans last November/December as we both wanted to travel there and it was a lot of fun. Definitely recommend Zea's restaurant if you ever visit. We also went to Orlando in January for my birthday. We recently visited Maine for our one year anniversary (he lives in New England so it wasn't a far drive from him) but I got to see Stephen King's home which was nice and make sure to stop by either location in Portland for potato donuts at The Holy Donut. Those things were amazingly delicious. Bite Into Maine (near the Portland Head Light) had amazing lobster rolls.

The downside of being in a long distance relationship is the fact we don't get to see each other all the time and because of the border rules, 6 months is all I can stay in a year. I'm sure right now, it's close to that (coming back and forth). This current visit, I was taken in by the border patrol (possibly because I had a brand new car) and asked a bunch of questions like the purpose of my visit, questions about my parents, questions about me, questions about my boyfriend, etc. It was already going to be a long drive, I really didn't need to be detained for almost an hour to be questioned (especially considering I'm a Nexus card holder which means I've been background checked by the FBI and usually don't have issues with when entering the country).

Overall, life has been amazing lately and I can't wait to see what else it has in store for me :)



After having not really been active on LJ in forever, I finally decided to make an update post :)

Cell Phone Charges

I have had my iPhone 4 for two years now. I got it mainly for when I am driving and if I needed to call someone, my parents could get in touch with me, etc.

As far as a phone, I don't really use it for that. I mostly check emails and Facebook, play games, text, etc.

My plan is currently $64 a month ($55 before tax) and with a 3-year plan (doesn't even come with caller ID), I have already payed over $1500 for it... $1500 for 2 years of not even using it as a phone. Nothing against Rogers but I could have used that money for a couple of vacations or even a new MacBook.

After calculating what it would cost for me to keep the phone for another year ($768) as opposed to just cancelling it (Hardware Savings / # of months in term X # of months remaining in the term + $12.50.)($480 / 36 x 12 + $12.50 = $173) it seems way more beneficial to just cancel it, pay the $173, and use the $595 towards payments on my car or paying for my next vacation.

Hoping to go in the next few days and cancel it and just keep my iPhone and use it as I do now (without cell service).


Films Watched During 2013

I stopped doing this for a while but figured I would keep track of the movies I watch during 2013.

I didn't start keeping track until around March so some may be missing from the list.

Will update as often as possible...Collapse )



I am definitely a shopaholic, lol :)

I went shopping in the States on Monday and went again today. I spent a bit of money both times but what can I say... I love shopping.

I bought my mom some birthday presents (along with other stuff) on Monday and today, I bought her some Christmas presents (among the others I already have).

I went to American Eagle again today because I bought a sweater on Monday and really like it. They had them on sale for even cheaper (were $29 and today were $15) so I bought three more in different colours.

I also went to Bath and Body Works and bought one of the Vanilla Bean Noel shower gels. I really want Twisted Peppermint, but the stores will only have the body care line the first week of December. I will be stocking up on the shower gel since I only bought one last year (but haven't even used half yet).
I also bought a Kitchen Spice 14.5 oz candle since it was on clearance for half price ($10 instead of $20). I bought one last year and just started burning it earlier this week. If you like sweet/creamy candles without a huge overload of scent, you would like it. It smells mostly like nutmeg with caramel mixed in.
Also, since I had a Charmed Life coupon for when you purchase at least $10 worth of products, I got a C.O. Bigelow Mentha Shower Gel for free (I got one free on Monday too). It is worth $12 so it was a pretty good deal and it smells amazing.

We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel, so I bought my mom a shirt for Christmas, along with some black licorice gum and some coconut sweets (hate black licorice and coconut!).

I also bought some Hello Kitty earrings at Hot Topic. I already had a pair in black, but bought the white pair, red pair, and black pair. I am giving a cousin the black pair since she wanted them and HT didn't have them when we went on Monday.


A couple of days ago, here in Canada, I visited Wal-Mart and bought the collector's Deluxe edition of Friday the 13th. It was $41 and comes with the first eight films (deluxe versions), two pairs of 3D glasses for Part 3, and a replica of Jason's mask. Now I own the first eight on DVD, along with Freddy vs. Jason and the reboot of Friday the 13th. Just need Jason X and Part 9 (which everyone forgets about).


Finished reading Labyrinth yesterday. I am glad to finally be finished it. It was a pretty good read. I think it is based on the screenplay rather than the movie since there were parts in the book that weren't even in the movie (I have read the screenplay, but it has been a while).

I started reading The Hunger Games but am only a few pages in.


Books Read During 2011

For me, I love reading but sadly, due to my short term memory loss, I have to read aloud in order to remember what I read most of the time, which means, reading a book takes triple the time for me as it does for everyone else. Someone can finish reading one of the Harry Potter books in a day which for me it takes up to a month or two since I have to be alone to read out loud, lol :) My list would be much longer if I didn't have to read this way.

My goal for 2011 is to read 15 books and so far, I am really close to my goal.

Will update as often as possible...Collapse )


Films Watched During 2011

I completely didn't finish updating the one posted here from last year, since I keep track now on a few different sites, such as Flixster but I figured I would post mine for 2011 so far here.

I ended up watching around 191 movies last year.

My goal is always at least 100 movies per year but because I have been so busy this year, I usually would have watched more by now than I have.

Will update as often as possible...Collapse )



I can't believe it is already October. This year has just flown right by.
One of my favourite seasons is Autumn so I am really excited it is October. From the colours of the leaves changing to pumpkin and fall smells, I just love everything about Autumn, especially the colder weather and Halloween (even though I no longer celebrate it, I still love watching scary movies and such).

I recently made pumpkin seeds for the first time in forever. We went to a local orchard (don't think I have been to it in forever since the one we normally went to has become overpriced and the selection is really terrible) and this one had a great selection of fruits and vegetables, as well as honey, maple syrup, and apple cider. We grabbed some gala apples (my favourite), honeycrisp apples (my mom really liked that after trying it), Macintosh apples, a huge onion (yuck!), and a pumpkin which came to around $20 which was an amazing deal since the pumpkins alone are being sold here for $5+.

If I go back this year, I will be picking up some more pumpkins (since I ate all the seeds I made) and maybe some cider since I love apple cider.

The seeds were really simple to make. Just cleaned them, added some olive oil, cracked black pepper, and sea salt to them. Baked in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. I may decrease the temperature next time and bake or roast for longer. They were very tasty and a great snack.

I was going to cook the pumpkin and make a puree out of it but that doesn't last for a long time and I am not into pumpkin pie all that much.



It has been forever since I have posted on here, lol :)

Not much is new except I recently got my G2 :) The woman said I was an excellent driver :)
I also passes the G1 written with 100% last year.

I also got an iPhone 4 yesterday. They didn't have any of the black 32 GBs in, so I got the white one. I just need to get a case for it.

I also have my trip to Florida booked for next year already (as I always do), lol :) Super excited for that.

I also went to the casino a few days ago and did a TON of shopping. What can I say, I am a shopaholic, lol :)

Also, I am super sad Borders is closing. It was one of my favourite stores and will be sorely missed.

Since I bought a lot, I will have to post what I bought. I will do that sometime in the future.

Oh, and I now have a book blog:

I need to update it since I have a few hauls since the last haul post. I also have read a couple of books since my last review post.

- Mary



I haven't updated my LJ in over a year, lol :)
I figured I should at least post something, lol :)

Had a good birthday. Celebrated it in Florida and had a pretty good time. We went for two weeks this time, which was a lot of fun. I did however get sick the last day and have to go to the hospital. Not sure what it was from (possibly a virus of some kind).

Bought lots while on vacation and discovered I have a new favourite store: American Eagle Outfitters.

I have lost over 50 lbs. so now I can fit into their clothing and I love the clothes they carry.


I went on a shopping trip to the US yesterday and spent more than I should have, lol :)

Since I recently signed up for the Borders Rewards Plus membership (have been a Borders Rewards member for a while), I had a couple of coupons I used. I had one for buy 2 magazines, get $2 off (had to buy Self and Glamour). Also, I got a free medium Strawberry Cremekula since I had a coupon for that (saved $4.15). I also received a coupon for 33% off an item by email, so I used that to buy the Hello Kitty Monopoly (was $39.99, got it for around $26). I also bought issue 24 of the Supernatural Magazine but was charged $9.99 for some reason on my receipt (even though it was only $6.99 and they don't charge tax or anything for magazines). My whole total came to around $41 which was pretty good considering the game was that originally. Also, I saved an additonal 10% off my total for being a BR+ member.

Since it was their Buy 2 for $20 sale, I bought four candles: two Frosted Cupcake, one Kitchen Spice, and one Japanese Cherry Blossom. Here, I saved $40 since all four candles cost $40 and normally would have been $80.

I didn't buy anything here since I didn't need anything but wish I had since if you spent at least $60, you got a nice umbrella which was really cute. Plus, they had the rewards cards (last day for them) so I could have gotten at least a $10 free card to use, but oh well, lol :)

I ended up picking up Harper's Island since I wanted it. I looked around other stores but none of them had it so I spent more than I wanted to for it ($39).

They had Tangled blu-ray/combo pack on sale for $19.99 so I picked it up. I later went to Target and they had it for the same price, but also with a $10 gift card :(

I have had a merchandise credit card for the store for ages since I returned some items last year. I ended up getting two tops and two pairs of shorts and even with the merchandise credit card (worth $56) it still cost me $30... but the clothes are really nice.

The last time I was there, I did have a 15% coupon but they didn't have anything I wanted. I picked up a Hello Kitty face mask (for an upcoming trip) and a Cheshire Cat button (1951 version). On the website, they have a disappearing Cheshire Cat necklace which I want, but they didn't have it in the store. Also, since it was but one get one for 50% off on accessories, the pin was only .99 which was pretty good :)

I picked up the ELF tweezer since I had a pair before but somehow they disappeared. Plus, they were only $1. I also bought the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette and thought the sign said $6.99 but the receipt shows $9.99. I also bought the special edition of Super Mario Bros. for the Wii (the one with all three original SMB games that came out for the NES as well as the Lost Levels, a booklet, and a soundtrack disc). It wasn't on sale or anything, just had been thinking at buying it. I also bought two Essie nailpolishes (Master Plan and Trophy Wife); these were expensive considering it is Target but I didn't own any Essie polishes and wanted to try them.

I bought the China Glaze Peppermint Cuticle Oil since it was on sale for $1.99 and I wanted to try it out (it smells just like peppermint). I also bought the Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Scrub since I am also out of my current one, as well as Orly nailpolish in Prince Charming. I also picked up the Poshe topcoat since I have heard really good things about it.

I didn't plan on buying anything here, but my mom bought a comforter set for her room. I noticed they still had one of mine left (Roxy Brynn) in Queen which is what mine is (I bought mine a couple of years ago in a full but then bought a queen size bed after and never exchanged the set). I still use it on my bed, just couldn't use the sheets it came with. It was originally $179 or so for the one I have and the Queen was around $279 or so (could be wrong). It was on sale yesterday for $99 so I bought that too. I finally had the correct size for my bed :)

All I bought here was groceries, aside from my shampoo and conditioner. I also bought some batteries (need them for my Wii and Xbox) and the EcoTools 6-piece eye brush set.

We went here to eat lunch and we always really like it there. I had the black bean soup and was surprised they actually had it yesterday since it is only served on certain days of the week. I also had half a panini (smokehouse turkey). I was going to get a mint crinkle cookie but the woman told me they discontinued it :( I also earned a free espresso or smoothie the next time I go :)

That is pretty much what I bought on my shopping trip yesterday. Yes, I did get lots but I always do, lol :)


As I mentioned earlier, I have a trip coming up. We are heading to New York City at the end of May for 5 days which will be really exciting.


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